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Tour Operator: Cantabria Activa 4 hours Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Cantabria

Navedo river ravine Picos de Europa

The activity of canyoning in Cantabria, are the great unknown in Spain. They are overwhelmingly water ravines. The monitors of this company are dedicated to searching and opening new ravines, this creates that we have a variety of them and new ones, on several levels. Enjoy an activity where daily life is set aside, you will feel the force of water in the river. Enjoy waterfalls, slides, jumps and unique Cantabrian landscapes. A sport of adventure and risk. An activity where you will find and exceed your limits. Choose your level. Or it mixes ravines and caving (caving) increasing the difficulty. And when you need more adrenaline, don't hesitate, come with us to enjoy ravines of greater difficulty in degree and time. Cantabria Activa has low level ravines for schoolchildren, medium levels for beginners. Medium-high levels for repeaters and high levels with several hours for brave people looking for more canyons of great difficulty and hours.
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